Thinking of Subdividing? Read this First

Understanding if and how to subdivide your property can be complex. Where do you start?

The WAPC (West Australian Planning Commission) is responsible for making the determination of approvals in WA. So how can you find out if you are able to development your property and what are the steps are? You could start by talking to your local council planning department, or maybe builder or designer. Their advice may be confusing or even contradictory.

I would recommend that you contact NHBB first, as we have a no obligation first meeting to help establish whether your residential property can be subdivided. We have the knowledge and experience to advise on  local planning schemes, the residential design codes and potential subdivision costs. We work closely with businesses who specialise in subdivisions and can provide exceptional service and guidance, free from a vested interest in the future building contract. They have many useful links and information on their web sites.


While there are many other provders and options available, choosing an independent company with local knowledge and experience you can avoid the potenially biased opinions of builders and sales consultants. You can control the process to ensure that costs and outcomes are kept on track.


From our experience, often clients walk away from builders/sales consultants once the full costs and designs constraints are realised.


It’s pretty simple, do your own research, or have a no obligation chat to our team who can quickly give you the independent unbiased information you need.


Remember - Talk to us before you talk to a builder.


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