Designing homes for small lots or

Narrow Lots

When space is limited,
getting the design right is critical.


There are a number of cost considerations unique to narrow and small lot builds: small site double handling, limited site materials cost and split load costs are just a few. NHBB’s designers are specialists in difficult builds and understand the unique challenges of a narrow block. And with over 100 builders on our books we can find a builder with the proven capacity to deliver, keeping your build on schedule and on budget.

Most builders will focus on signing you up to a design. We focus on helping you understand what the cost implications are when building on a narrow or small block, giving you all the facts upfront. Our experience in adapting and overcoming the inherent challenges of building on a narrow block is market leading.

NHBB give you all the important information up front, from an totally independent point of view.

Things you need to know about building on a narrow lot.

Our designers can show you how to maximise ever square metre of valuable livable space.

NHBB can help you not only find that perfect builder who fully understand the intricacies of building on a small or narrow block but we can also project manage it from design to construction handover.

Some of the best homes we have helped people build have been on very small blocks. Its all about understanding what you can do, making sure it complies with local regulations and understanding the costs associated with building a home on your chosen block. NHBB can give you all the facts before you talk with a builder.