Trade Shortages Continue for Perth Builders

Over the past 2 – 3 months I have seen how difficult it is for builders to get homes from the Lock Up stage, to the PCI (Handover) stage.
The logistical problems and trade availability at that end of the market, is quiet incredible and extremely frustrating for all parties involved.

We are also seeing trades re booking the builder and or just not turning up with no communication.
The high detail homes are even harder to complete, as they require so many small items to be completed, by so many different suppliers and trades.
The moving parts to these are complicated.

What this is doing, is hurting the cash flow of the builders as they just cannot hand over homes. Good builders have high standards and of course the homeowners expect that to be delivered on.
The stress this puts on the homeowner with rent and timing of moving is concerning, as is the cashflow stress to builders.

Now two trades that we are seeing as hard at the moment are tilers and brick paving.
We are also seeing trades requiring invoice to be paid before they will start the next job.
Now that’s understandable don’t get me wrong, but the knock effect it has for timing and finishing jobs, if the builder is waiting on anything, hurts and costs all parties.

We are coming to that time of the year of working out which homes make it for xmas. ????
This is always a challenge, and even more so this year.
My advice to the homeowner is, if it’s not done but December the 8th, let it go until early 2024
This gives the builder the best chance to finish the home correctly and deal with unexpected delays.
For the homeowner this reduces the time of waiting for trades to come back to the home when they have moved in early.
We all know how hard that can be.

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