Mandurah Home Builder Reviews

Building a new home in the Peel region and particular Mandurah, brings some different complexities to consider when selecting a home builder.

Mandurah given its location has had challenges over the years, however, certainly has its advantages for people looking to build a new home in the Peel region.
Over the years we have seen many home builders come and go from the area, and many Perth builders pull out of building in Mandarah completely.

This was for many different reasons.
When reviewing a new home Mandurah builder, it’s important to understand the type of work the builder normally does, and the market the home builder is strongest in.
Perth builders who build in the Peel region or Mandurah, will only take on certain types of building jobs and amount of home building contracts they accept.

Now you will read plenty of Builders reviews and Mandurah builders reviews sharing pros and cons, and some may even seem very concerning.
What you must consider with reviews, is what both parties have to say about the situation, you may have read.
Home builders don’t get to protect themselves online, and often hammered online unfairly.
Yes, plenty of builders have deserved some poor reviews, but not all. At NHBB we certainly know the ones in Mandurah you should avoid.

 Also consider it’s not easy to get good builders reviews, as many people choose not to do them at all.
Again, this is for several reasons, and it can be very frustrating for all builders.

At NHBB we have a very detailed process of selecting the builders we choose to work with in Mandurah, and they must provide us regular updates on a range of points.
All the Mandurah home builders on our books, do this for us, and confirm the level of customer service they provide our clients.
This is all while they confirm the financially stability of the company.

Mandurah is a terrific place to build a home, NHBB recommends people to build within the builder’s capabilities,and only get a project home builder to build a project level home. This is regardless of what any salesperson, consultant or designer may say. (Limit changes and variation)
Only build a custom home with a Mandurah custom home builder, yes it may cost a little extra, however getting this decision wrong can cost you plenty later.

From our independent knowledge and experience since 2009, this is the best way to have a home built that delivers on the outcomes you are looking for.

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