Strata, house behind house and


Urban infill targets have reignited interest in this lucrative
backyard development strategy.


House behind a house developments involve first, subdividing a property into two separate titles, then developing  a second dwelling on the unused portion of the property, usually behind the existing dwelling. At NHBB we have found for many, this type of investment is the ideal way to enter the property development market, allowing property owners to leverage the cost of the development off of the equity in their existing home.

Things you need to know

Subdividing and developing a property is not without its challenges. Understanding what is possible is key to any successful development. Knowing what type of development will best suit your site and bring the best return is crucial. NHBB can assess the development potential of your property and our Build Cost Calculator quickly and simply provides a breakdown of cost estimates to complete your proposed development in compliance with local council and planning regulations.

Feasibility | Planning | Advisory
and Project Management
We take care of everything
from start to finish.

We give you ALL the facts on the costs associated with your development including:

  • Government charges, utilities, contractors etc.
  •  Project timeframes
  •  Identification of potential problems and the solutions
  •  An aerial image outlining subdivision possibilities
  •  Certificate of Title assessment 

Get ALL the facts on builders. Which builders are trading well, and which have appeared in court or before the BDT.

We review all builders to ensure they meet NHBB’s criteria and are capable of building the development and delivering on all outcomes set out in the brief. With over 100 builders, NHBB can find a builder who is the right fit for you and your project, who together with NHBB will guide you through the process from start to finish.