Over 130 real & contactable testimonials
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Since launching NHBB in 2009 we’ve been able to demonstrate time and again, that there is a better way to go about the building process. One that is accountable, transparent and delivers the best possible outcomes for all.

Ultimately, 100% satisfied clients are what we strive for, and while NHBB’s focus is always on the best possible outcomes for the client, no building project is without its own set of unique challenges. But it’s how we meet these challenges and resolve them in the client’s best interest that has set us apart and has seen the business grow through referral, to acquire over 130 real and contactable testimonials willing to share their stories.

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A positive home building experience.

Our clients’ positive home building experiences continue to add value and credibility to our brand.

Surprisingly for us, the positive feedback is not limited to just our clients. The experiences of our clients have a knock on effect with our building partners, designers and even local councils, who in turn enjoy the experience of dealing with ‘well informed’ clients. This surprising result has formed the basis of our company brand. Our clients’ positive home building experiences add a value and credibility that can only be earned through a process based on trust, honesty and transparency.

To this day, our clients, both past and present, continue to be our single biggest source of new business.