Merger of the BGC Housing Group and the Ventura Home Group

Media Release 5th May 2020

Construction and materials giant BGC has today announced the merger of the BGC Housing Group and the Ventura Home Group to create a major force in residential construction under the BGC Housing Group banner.

After completing the first stage of a long-planned process to modernise the business by consolidating administration and construction functions across BGC Residential Pty Ltd and J-Corp Pty Ltd, BGC now moves to the second, and final, stage.

In a restructure involving the consolidation of more than 12 brands, BGC continues to modernise its operations and invest in the future of the WA construction sector.

Executive General Manager of BGC Housing Group, Michael Bartier, said the restructure would position the Group for future growth.

“We have dedicated 2020 to strengthening our residential housing group to provide the very best offering to Western Australians looking to build a home,” he said.

The new premises at Osborne Park is due to open mid-year and will be home to Western Australia’s most well-known building brands as part of the BGC Housing Group including:

  • HomeStart
  • Aussie Living Homes
  • Commodore Homes
  • GO Homes
  • Smart Homes for Living
  • Terrace Homes WA
  • Ventura South West
  • Now Living, providing social and affordable housing to the State Government via the Department of Communities.

 “This restructure provides us with a unique opportunity to combine the most successful elements of both groups, while retaining the individual identities and offerings of the different building brands,” Mr Bartier said.

 NHBB noted that a number of well-known brands such as National Homes, Impressions, Perceptions, WA Housing Centre and Ventura Homes have not been mentioned and it is assumed that they will consolidated into the eight remaining brands.

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