Home Design Perth 2020

How you have a new home design done is absolutely critical. The better the quality of the design and home designer you use, the better the result. At NHBB it is one of our key factors that we put together Perth’s leading home design team. Our team is using the latest ArchiCAD software and now has introduced the amazing 3d visualization program called Lumion.


These programs allow you to get a much better visual idea of what the new home design and its functionality will be as well as allowing our builder/s to cost the home extremely accurately. Controlling the copyright to a new home design is also one of the many things you have to consider when looking to get a new home design done in Perth.


The development of software in recent times has enabled people to see in design, some of the trends and innovative ideas that new home buildings have to offer noted below:


1)   Different Use of materials

2)   New simplified Home Automation

3)   More Multi purposes rooms for all ages

4)   Kitchen scullery laundry integration

5)   Advanced guest rooms for the ageing population

6)   Bathroom sizes and styles.

7)   How we are using windows with better specifications.

8)   Ceilings and void areas that have big volume to them

9)   Air bnb designed homes and understanding how they will look and work.

10) Different styles to homes like the Pavilion style and mid-century modern.


This short video of this wonderfully designed home is a classic example of why you need to have your next new home design in the latest ArchiCAD and use Lumion to give you the 3D experience. Having the opportunity to get an up-close view of what your new home could be like is another great way NHBB can assist in the building of your new home.

If you would like to know the costs to get a design done or any other information about this topic please contact the team today.

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