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Client: Casey Fitzsimmons
Location: Dianella

Single Storey Standard Plan - Dianella

Builder Standard Plan

I cannot speak highly enough of the service provided by New Home Building Brokers and my personal saviour Brad. After feeling overwhelmed by seeing project builders and underwhelmed by what we were offered, we were seriously considering delaying the build process completely or just renovating what we had. On a whim I reached out to nhbb, thinking at best that we would get shot down because our plans were too small or at worst that there would be hidden charges all over the place.
Brad was so quick to respond to our enquiry, was open and honest from the outset and set us up for success straightaway. Being time poor and committed to a set spend, Brad guided us through builder options easily and attended any meetings we needed to make sure we got the house we wanted (without being confused by builder jargon and by explaining what was realistic for our budget and block).
We just moved into what is definitely our dream home, in time and on budget. My fear around getting the rug pulled out from underneath me with fees or hidden agendas was completely wrong.
I honestly cannot speak highly enough of what the team New Home Building Brokers offer and I certainly wouldn't be writing this in my dream home without Brad.
Thanks team!