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Client: Phil Bartlett
Location: Lynwood

Knockdown & Rebuild - Lynwood

Knockdown and Rebuild
Builder Standard Plan
Traditional Style

I would like to commend Tristan and Michael for establishing an exceptional service that reflects on the outstanding proficient system of management experience you both have built over time.
After hearing many horror stories from builders of cost blow outs, projects deviating from original plans - not to mention issues dealing with local councils and alike - I was determined to seek a service as a method for an alternative to overcome the negativity surrounding building a house.

I was remakably impressed by how you gave the project the same diligence and attention to detail it deserved despite its small size. Your product knowledge of the industry, and matching my needs to a specific Perth builder was also exceptional to be able to put my mind at ease. I appreciate you being so approachable and open to tap into your wealth of information to provide transparency to a process that would be for me - running blind.

I have absolutely no regrets of engaging your services as a building broker for finding a solution to the block of land I am working with. Other building brokers I approached prior to you were very lax in taking me seriously. Your professional approach and flexibilty to the needs of the project are to be commended. I would like to wholeheartedly thank you for your time spent with me and look forward to working with you again in the future.