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Client: Andrew E
Location: Applecross

Rear Battle Axe Block Custom Home

Rear Lot Home
Knockdown and Rebuild
Custom Individual Design

After years of searching for the perfect home for us, one day we joked "maybe we should just demolish and rebuild." It was crazy, but in the end, was absolutely the right choice for us, because there's no house on the market - now or then - that has everything we wanted.

As we took our first steps into building, it became clear that finding the right builder was key. We visited display homes and talked to a range of companies, from big, well known project companies to smaller outfits. There is a lot of choice and I have no doubt they build decent homes, but I wasn't satisfied that those companies would hit the high notes we were looking for.

Once we found Tristan and NHBB, we knew we were on the right track.

We wanted to find a balance of flexibility and ability to deliver, of high quality and confidence but also reasonable prices. Other vendors didn't fit our style - too much brand image, not enough substance, or too thrifty, not enough emphasis on quality and on making the build last!

Building wasn't easy. A lot of time, a lot of money, a lot of stress. But that's the case at any time with any builder! We changed our plans quite a bit, and Tristan and Paul handled it. When we built (ending late 2021) there was a lot of labour shortage and so delays. We got through it. Building is stressful and imperfect, but the true test is how you get through it and how you handle setbacks. We're happy we chose NHBB and would recommend them.