client testimonials

Client: Ian & Cathy
Location: Scarborough

Duplex Development - Scarborough

Difficult Block
Narrow Block
Sloping Block
Custom Individual Design
Two Storey Design
Unit Development

‘’From the onset, meeting Michael was invaluable; from his advice on the most suitable sloping block for subdivision to his vast knowledge regarding the home building process.  We don’t know how we would have done it without him!  He guided us through our development from home design to completion and was with us every step of the way, offering advice, finding solutions, representing us on Local Government matters and neighbour-issues when we were totally overwhelmed.  He was regularly on site whether it be discussing earthworks or chatting to tradesmen on our behalf.  To have someone like Michael behind you, in whom we had such confidence and trust, made the whole process that much easier.  His ability to stay calm in a crisis while offering sound, sensible advice and solutions amazed us.  Would definitely recommend his services without reservation and have done.”

 Happy to speak with people Michael, future prospects if they would like to speak with us and have any questions they would like answering or if they have any reservations…more than happy to do that as we know that the service you offer is second to none and they will receive an incredible service from you. To have someone like you on our side was a total blessing Michael, we could never thank you enough. So, if we haven’t said it to you enough I would just like to say to you a massive thanks you once again for all the help and guidance you gave us. Your knowledge and experience is what every person/couple needs on their side should they want to undertake the challenge of doing a sub division.