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Client: Anthony Lau
Location: Floreat

Duplex Development - Floreat

Sloping Block
Modern Design
Unit Development

There are two ways to build a home from a home owner or developer’s viewpoint – either you go out to each builder and check out their service and what they can offer, and compare how they are able to match your requirements. Or ... go through a building broker do the hard work for you in determining (ie. shortlisting) builders that suit your requirements, as well as having the flexibility to work with you. The former is very time consuming. The latter is where NHBB comes in – Tristan has done the preliminary work in shortlisting builders that suit my building project. He has assisted me in saving much time and headache, and ultimately time translates to cost savings. For a pleasurable building experience, I recommend Tristan / NHBB to others. Unless you are very knowledgeable in the building industry, there are pitfalls to be aware of, and having an experienced professional walk that path with you ensured my sanity!