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Client: Ian & Tania
Location: Bayswater

Demolish & Rebuild - Bayswater

Knockdown and Rebuild
Builder Standard Plan
Traditional Style

We were referred to Tristan Kirkham and his company NHBB,  by a friend of ours who was aware of our plans to demolish our existing home and build a new one. Tristan has many years of experience in the building game and this was very evident when he spoke to us and helped review our initial plans.

Other than his years of experience, Tristan also helped us decide on a Perth builder that could deliver the design we settled on.  The choice of builder was important – not only from a budget perspective – but also from a quality finish point of view. 

We only spoke to Tristan after we had initially decided on a design.

Such was Tristan’s input, that we basically redesigned our initial house plans after our first meeting with him and ended up eventually with a design that I think better meets our growing needs.  We spent a good part of 9 months working with Tristan and the builder.  During this rather trying time – Tristan was there to assist and advise us.  I’m sure that without Tristan’s help, we would have missed a lot of small things that would later have become annoyances. 

Tristan was very patient with us during this process.  I’m sure we probably drove him crazy at times – as we went backwards and forwards with him and the builder, tweaking our plans and making changes.  However, during the whole process – he was very professional and always made himself available to meet or discuss our plans and concerns.  During this whole process, Tristan also was able to clearly explain to us each step of the building process, so that we were better able to plan our moving out to a rental and demolish our existing home. 

I am confident that with Tristan’s involvement, we have not only ended up with a much better design than we initially were going to go with, but also with a builder that can bring the design to life at the standard that we expect.

If you are looking to build and quality advice and service are important to you, as well as having someone work for you to deliver a quality finish within a budget – then Tristan is someone you should speak too.  I am glad we did!

I would have no problems recommending Tristan and his company to prospective clients, friends, colleagues and family – should they consider building a new home.