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Client: Alex Higgins
Location: Warwick

Unit Development | Warwick

Unit Development

We got a surveyor to do a contour survey on our property with a view to carrying out a retain and build project from the proposed sub division. We’re glad the surveyor suggested that we enlist the services of Tristan of NHBB before we started speaking to builders. Tristan came home and discussed the various ideas we had in mind. During our discussions, he had a physical inspection of the site and absolutely amazed us with his knowledge of what would be involved for site works, building regulations, costs, design issues etc. Tristan pointed out that our plans would be difficult to implement considering the steep drop in the level of the proposed site. After carrying out some more due diligence, Tristan was honest enough to advise us that proceeding with any of our plans would be very risky though he suggested we also seek financial advice. Although we are disappointed not to be able to proceed with our plans, we are glad to have discussed various options with him. We are certain that had we gone directly to a builder, we would have committed ourselves to a project that would not have benefited our situation. It is hard to express how much respect my wife and I have developed for Tristan. His honesty and integrity absolutely stand out, his knowledge and professionalism, simply fantastic. He told us that his conscience would not let him accept a commission from a potential builder for a project that might lead a client to financial ruin. For all his efforts Tristan did not charge us a single dollar. We have met many advisers and experts and many have been very good, but for us Tristan is by far the best we’ve met. We would love to try to work with him in the future on another project and would unhesitatingly recommend him to anyone wanting to undertake any building projects.