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Client: Nalean Lal
Location: Floreat

Custom Two Storey - Floreat

Custom Individual Design
Luxury Style
Two Storey Design

Getting New Home Building Brokers and Tristan involved our recent new home build was one of the most positive and beneficial aspects of our home building experience. Working with Tristan during the early stages when we were trying to seek tenders for the construction of our home was refreshing…in addition to his deep understanding and knowledge of the home building construction industry, which allowed him to provide us with valuable insights and options on how to approach our project, what impressed us most was simply that Tristan did what he said he would do, and got things done when he said he would get things done by!

We had previously built a new house, and with me being an experienced design professional involved in the construction industry, we had a good understanding of the type of home that we wanted in the early stages of our plans to demolish and re-build a new home on our existing property. With a reasonably well defined set of plans and finishes specifications, we thought it would be relatively straightforward to approach a few reputable Perth builders directly and get them to provide us with a reliable quote before we committed. It is incredible how difficult this became, and we heard all sorts of excuses on why this was so difficult for them to do until we committed to them. We tried to engage with two larger builders, being a project home builder and a “premium” home builder, however eventually got frustrated with the whole experience. We realised that despite all the rhetoric when one listens to the multitude of advertisements, they were not really listening to us in terms of working with us to achieve what we wanted. We then tried to engage with a smaller family owned builder, which looked promising at the start with respect to flexibility, however we quickly realised that we did not feel confident they could actually deliver the home that we wanted.

We were fortunate that we got introduced to NHBB and Tristan by coincidence, and things actually progressed quickly after that. Tristan was able to provide us with his insights on what approach to take given our particular situation and type of home and quality of finish we were targeting, including realistic budget estimates for what we were trying to achieve. Tristan then assisted us in putting a tender package together which was sent to a select few builders who appeared to be the right fit. He also assisted in evaluation of the tenders, and we were able to proceed with a builder we felt comfortable with. The construction process has gone well, with Tristan being there to assist when appropriate. We are delighted with the value that Tristan has provided, and highly recommend him and NHBB to anyone who is considering constructing a home.