client testimonials

Client: Nhu Clinton
Location: Dianella

Custom Single Storey - Dianella

Custom Individual Design

We have recently gone through the process with NHBB, and are now living in our forever home, and we are so glad that we engaged with the team and the process. Through the process we have been able to get our dream home, with all our specifications, within our budget with minimal stress along the way.
We had a large block and found it difficult when speaking to project home builders,. their recommendation was to choose a design and tailor to suit our needs and requirements. this process was very hard for us to visualise our ideas and concept.
Any variations, customisation was always answered with "this is a prestart issue", so inevitably you were signing a contract knowing that there would be a number of variations that would have an unknown impact to the overall build cost.
Being first time builders, this was the sentiment with a number of project builders we spoke to at the time. A friend of ours at the time who was under construction, suggested we speak to NHBB. It was a very different approach that, we were hesitant and sceptical at the time.
The process commenced by engaging with one of the home designers, and come up with custom floor plan that was tailored to suit our needs and requirements. As part of the design process, we were able to complete a 3D walk through, which was absolutely invaluable to the process and helped us visualize our concept.
Our plans and specifications was then tendered to their list of builders. Every quote we received, had the base cost to build the house and included all the additional specifications we required. This meant we could see what each item cost, and had the ability to include or exclude subject to our budget.
Next was to interview the builders, speak to them and see recent projects that were near completion. We also had the ability to speak to recent client of each builder's, as a reference. this process was really the deciding aspect when picking a builder when the build costs are similar.
once selecting the builder, we went through their process to get to site and prestart. NHBB were with us along the whole build journey to answer any questions we had of the builder and act as a sounding board.
one element that we didn't expect, but really welcomed and valued, was the contacts that NHBB had within the industry. Trusted suppliers / trades that we could engage outside of the build contract and utilise, this was a huge time and cost saver. Items such as AC, carpet, WIR, blinds, landscaper and removalist to name a few.
If you are looking to build, we would highly recommend NHBB and their process to engage with a custom builder. We are absolutely in love with our home, and have been able to get our dream home, with all of our specifications, and maintaining control throughout the process.