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Client: Jac & Matt
Location: Brentwood

Custom Federation Style Two Storey home - Brentwood

Difficult Block
Custom Individual Design
Two Storey Design

What an amazing build experience we have had!

We met Tristan by chance, and were drawn to his enthusiasm, knowledge and professional manner. Tristan provided us with invaluable assistance in getting started including design advice, and he connected us with a fantastic designer and builder who were both exactly what we needed. We have quite a small block with some unusual aspects, and it was important for us that we make the absolute most out of the space that we have.

One year on, and the result is that our family is living in a beautiful home that we truly love - it is functional, it looks good, and it is exactly to our taste. Friends are often interested to know whether we would build again, or whether we have been scarred for life. On the contrary, we tell them that the build itself was made easy and enjoyable by the quality of people that we had around us, and the support that was provided by NHBB.

Now if only we could get rid of the banks....!