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Client: Adrea & Anthony
Location: Fremantle

Builders Standard Design - Fremantle

Builder Standard Plan
Modern Design

Their staff are very well informed and highly competent at what they do.
Andrea and I were first home buyers; however we were looking for quite different things to most people at our end of the market.  After purchasing a block of land near Fremantle, we were looking to build a house, but needed a high degree of flexibility in the process.

Having already sourced many of our building materials, such as bench tops, basins, wall claddings and pavers, we had very definite ideas about how our home would look, and how it would be finished.  After presenting our ideas to several Fremantle builders and being told “no”, we came across NHBB, and engaged their services.

From the outset, the staff at NHBB was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about all aspects of the building process.  We explained to them that we were looking for an open type plan that would fit on our block, but wanted the ability to customise the layout to suit our requirements.  Within one week of engaging their services, the NHBB staff showed us several plans from different builders and explained the advantages and disadvantages of each in easy to understand terms. 

After considering each option carefully, we chose a plan and instructed the NHBB staff to initiate the process on our behalf.  At this stage we encountered a situation where we needed to sign off our building contracts prior to our block of land settling in order to take advantage of the increased first home builders grant.  To our surprise NHBB were able to arrange this easily on short notice. 

Once we had signed off our initial contract and were progressing towards pre-start, the true value of the NHBB service became apparent.  The wealth of knowledge the staff had to offer to us helped us avoid many costly pitfalls of building and saved us thousands of dollars.  This guidance was especially useful to us as this was the first time we had undertaken a building project, however we will definitely be using the NHBB team in the future. 

There are many reasons that we would recommend NHBB to anyone building a new home.  The most important of these would have to be that their staff is very well informed and highly competent at what they do.  Finding high quality service from any organisation is refreshing these days, especially from one that offers their services free of charge.  We would encourage anyone building a new home to see how NHBB can do for you what they did for us.