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Client: Tom and Sonia
Location: Ellenbrook

Builders Standard Plan - Ellenbrook

Builder Standard Plan
Traditional Style

We are most happy with the result of our decision to go with NHBB. Like many new home clients, we could not find a design that totally suited our requirements. Our corner lot was raised in the front requiring the garage to be located at the side of the lot. After working with many Perth builders we found this change, along with a couple of other minor changes pushed the up the price to exceed the cost of their upmarket display home version.

We were beginning to conclude that building a house on a property that is not a standard square shape puts major stress on the building budget. We visited all of the Perth builders and display homes in an attempt to find a plan that would fit our requirements. No one had a plan we could use without changing it, and everybody insisted that the cost of moving the garage would be minimal. After much research we engaged the services of the first well known Perth builder. A preliminary plan was drawn up and the costing completed. They obviously did not want the job!

The next Perth builder was a little more encouraging. We payed a non-refundable deposit to have the plans drawn up, and thought we were on a winner. The plans we got back were substandard with heaps of faults. With each fix, the price went up a little more. Finally, we were at a point where we were cutting back on the standard features! With our minds targeted on the budget, we looked at the plans, and agreed we were building an ugly home without anything going for it, and for top dollar!

Then we talked to the staff at NHBB. We were told we can have what we want, and we could afford it. It was proposed that we draw up a design, put in the features we want, and lay the house out the way we would like it. In jest, we asked for much more than we ever thought we could get, and NHBB responded with a can do! It was proposed that we have a designer finish the plan properly, which interestingly cost less than the deposit we lost on the last venture. The plans were finalized, opportunities suggested, and an attractive elevation proposed. Next we had our project costed out by a number of good Perth builders, and selected the builder prepared to give us the best deal. Our new home is now in its final stages of construction, and we are really looking forward to moving in.

Not only did we get what we wanted, but our beautiful new home in Aveley has far exceeded our expectations. We are very proud of what we have all achieved. The team at NHBB have outdone themselves. This whole experience has forever changed the way we will build in the future. Never again will we deal directly with a builder, no matter what kind of sweeteners they throw in to entice us. My advice is unless you are building a home exactly to spec with no changes, do not consider proceeding without the help of someone like the New Home Building Brokers behind you, unless you like throwing bundles of good money away.