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Client: Will & Trace
Location: Caversham

Builders Standard Plan - Caversham

Builder Standard Plan
Modern Design

We previously found a home design that ticked all of our boxes and was a great display home. We needed a big block for our lifestyle and managed to find a quarter acre to build our dream home on. The display house was fantastic; however there was a huge discrepancy between the base cost of the house and the display spec, and no one really explained it all to us.

We had many meetings about inclusions and exclusions etc. and were forced to sign a building contract before pre-start.

We were blind sighted with the site works though, as the amount went from $8,000 to $24,000 in one hefty hit.  The kitchen was my weakness and it was modified several times to fit our budget. However when we got to pre-start it was apparent that the kitchen we were told we had signed up for was not in the plans provided. It was a hard pill to swallow to have a rep in our home, and blatantly lie to us to get a sale!

As I am an accountant, we spent hours going over the figures in the contract and they just did not add up. I was heart broken as we had the perfect block of land, with a below par, basic spec house that blew out of budget and was actually costing more than the display! It just did not make sense. We were still being charged for items that even the council had requested to be removed! After pre-start and all selections were made, we were phoned to say that we couldn’t have the roof, bricks or even front door that we had chosen. We were given one option, no selections. So much for being our dream house, I should have been at least able to choose my own front door!

I knew of NHBB as we were planning on building in our SMSF. I was in tears with the house after the door saga and I didn’t know what to do, so I just flicked an email to NHBB explaining the situation briefly and to see if they could help. Boy could they help. Instant life saver!! The consultant sat down several times with us and we went through how to get out of the building contract, and were advised towards builders that build quality affordable homes, without ripping us off every step of the way.

We didn’t realize there were other options and that we didn’t have to go ahead with a nightmare Perth builder. I didn’t even really know what a building broker could do for us. We were blown away by the depth of knowledge New Home Building Brokers has about the housing industry. They investigated our situation and showed us the best way to proceed. It was great to finally have someone on our side that could look out for the best interest of us. It’s the best feeling to go from a point where we were constantly questioned and honestly treated like scum, to someone that could get us what we really wanted. We are getting a display spec home with a triple garage, coming in at budget and it’s all thanks to NHBB for pointing us in the right direction!

The best thing about it was even though we had signed it wasn’t too late. I thought that we would be forced into building this other house and sell as it did not meet our needs. It was devastating to think that we would lose the perfect block. But NHBB helped make sure that it did not happen, and we cannot wait for everything to be finished and move into our dream home. The building stress has completely disappeared!

We could not be any more grateful for the assistance we received from New Home Building Brokers and could not recommend them highly enough!