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Client: Kiesha Klassen
Location: WA

Custom Design Home | Perth

Custom Individual Design

We sadly spent the first 12 months of our building process chatting with project builders and sales consultants and constantly walking away with concerns, more questions and never feeling comfortable.

After our very FIRST meeting with Brad Kingston from NHBB, we walked out completely stunned and immediately agreed we had FINALLY found the team to help us with this enormous task. We were blown away with the unique approach to the entire building process. It was quite literally the breath of fresh air we needed and the clarity and much needed security that we wanted in undertaking this project. Brad alleviated almost all of our concerns during our first few initial meetings and everything that has followed since has been exactly as we were told and prepared for.

Brad's hands on, inclusive consultations have been something we have come to heavily rely on. We are still in the middle stages of the process and we have been so grateful for the volume of information, support, consideration and advice Brad has afforded us every step of the way so far. He answers every email, phone call, text, voicemail - no matter how silly the question may seem and constantly updates us as things progress.

Having a building broker like Brad, has made us much more confident in our choices and our building goals. I have no doubt we would still be drowning in a sea of uncertainty without Brad's guidance.

For anyone considering building their dream home, I have and will continue to highly recommend the invaluable services of Brad Kingston. With Brad we feel like our dream home is as important to him as it is to us. Brad is a credit to the NHBB team and we would be lost without him.