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Client: Scott & Marnie
Location: Ardross

Demolish & Rebuild Luxury Custom - Ardross

Knockdown and Rebuild
Custom Individual Design
Modern Design
Two Storey Design
Up Side Down

Our building journey had a false start to it!

After paying a deposit to a Perth builder they came up with a design that not only didn’t comply with the shire regulations, but missed the brief we asked for.

Plus we didn’t have any copyright control. So we walked away and the builder refused to pay back the deposit.

We have busy lives, so for us choosing to use a Building Broker having after what happened was a no brainer.

We had someone on our side of the fence batting for us, with experience and knowledge of the building process.  Grey areas in the building process were made clear, including contracts, builders’ margins they hide, variations and real timeframes.

We utilized the tools they had with the design cost calculator and selected a designer from the many they have. We found this process far more in line with our ideas. It restored the confidence in us that we could build and get the views we wanted. 

The builder we chose from the tender was able to adapt and be flexible with our selections of trades and specification items we supplied.

NHBB was always able to take our calls day or night, and had weekly site visits to keep the builder in line.

NHBB was able to help us with creating a wonderful design and overcome all the hurdles with building a home. We saved money, saved headaches, knew we weren’t being ripped off and made what can be a stressful experience, a reasonably pleasant one.  We don’t have any intention of building again soon, but can recommend NHBB to anyone that is.