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Client: Clive Richmond
Location: Manning

Custom Design Single Storey

Custom Individual Design


In 2018 we found that our local area had been rezoned as an ‘Activity Centre’ and were consequently left with two options. Either stay and endure a 10+ years of surrounding construction sites as 4 and 6 story apartment blocks rose above our single storey house or sell and move. As you probably already guessed we choose the latter. Our original intention was to find a similar house in an adjourning neighbourhood. However, this search turned out to be harder than we thought. After many home opens and visits to display villages, we concluded our only option would be to purchase a block and build.

Where to start?

Having previously had a horrendous experience as an owner / builder this was not something we wanted to repeat. Fortunately, on one of our many visits to the Home Base we noticed the "New Home Design and Build Course". The best $180 I believe we had spent in a long time. The presenters laid the groundwork on how to best approach designing and building a new home. In particular the contracts, design copyrights and the type of builder to consider – project or boutique – to match your budget. This is where our introduction to NHBB and Tristan was made.

By this time, we clearly knew what we wanted, and what we did not want, in a new home. Tristan helped us through selecting a designer who converted our A4 page of aspirations into a comprehensive design. Next was selecting a builder. It is here that Tristan takes the guesswork out of whether a particular builder is a better match for your house design than another, meeting your budget and their reputation. We spent a few weeks evaluating builders recommended and Tristan was always available if we needed help to debunk building jargon etc.

After selecting our builder, you might think that would be the end of Tristan’s involvement. But no, and at every key milestone he was just as excited as we were to see our house rise on our block. The builder we had chosen couldn’t have been better to work with. And while variations do occur nothing was too much trouble for the builder and his team to go the extra yard. We have now been in our new house for a couple of months and have been very happy with our decision to use Tristan and NHBB to help us with our build. Who would have thought building a new home could be this easy!!