Residential Attitudes Knowledge

Residential Attitudes Knowledge

The NHBB concept first came Managing Director Tristan Kirkham while working for project home builders. He continued to develop his building broker model while working for Residential Attitudes - Oswald Homes in Perth.

During his time with for Residential Attitudes and Oswald Homes he gained extensive knowledge on the design detail required to build homes at that level. In an effort to understand every aspect of the building process Tristan spent a lot of time on site talking with trades, learning about the trade capabilities required on high-end homes and how builder’s margins work onsite.

Tristan also built two homes with Residential Attitudes back in 2006/2007 




The balance between trade rates and Perth builder margins is complex, and putting these radical new house designs together in the early days certainly presented a raft of challenges.

Tristan worked under 6 General Managers with an array of experience. Learning from each put him in good stead for his own startup, New Home Building Brokers in 2009.

Perhaps the most valuable lesson learned during his time was that every new home designer and builder on NHBB's books MUST be market leading and offer complete transparency and flexibility with NHBB's clients.

We tell all of our clients that understanding your builder's margins and the overheads is crucial. Consumers should make it their business to know this before signing; it can save them thousands of dollars in the luxury custom home market. It’s also critical that the trade rate is paid to the level required for each job, not a fixed amount every time.

New Home Building Brokers now has many past designers and builders from Residential Attitudes and Oswald Homes on its books.  From Miguel doing some of the companies first designs and display homes back in 2003/04, to our newest gun designer Tom creating some of Perth's leading designed homes from Modern to Hamptons style homes.

A few supervisors went on to get building tickets, and we have two of them on our books as builders. Since its inception in 2009, NHBB's vision has remained true, to assist our clients in understanding what’s required to create a functional, modern home, with a high-end detail and specification and achieve maximum value for every dollar spent.

It's why we say "Talk to us before you talk to a builder."


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