Small Lots require big thinking.

When it comes to narrow blocks or skinny blocks understanding the options and the costs are critical in planning before even talking to a Perth Home Builder.

Many narrow lot designs have the front entry in the middle, however this creates a long corridor, which brings its own problems with light and wasted space.

This 10m wide design is for a single storey home with North to the left hand side so we suggested that our clients opt for a side entry; this has maximized the space and allowed our clients to have room for a pool.



The key to these side entry designs is to have a great landscaping design and or a gatehouse.  Some local councils will let you do this while others will not. So its good to know in the planning stages what the local council will approve.

We recommendation that if you have a narrow or small block and need a design, have the design done independent of builders.  Controlling the copyright will allow you to get more options for pricing.

Narrow lots designs can cost a little more as a rule over a traditional sized block, but don’t be put off by this.

The costs are mainly due to the extra perimeter in the design and site delivery costs. So always consider these extra cost in the design stage.

Perth builders also have to allow for extra material handing on small and narrow lots, as they just don’t have the room to have all material delivered at once and it costs extra to have material delivered in what we call spilt loads.

You have greater options available to you if you control the copyright to save money by obtaining quotes from various builders. This is true for any custom designed single storey or two storey home in Perth.

If you want to know more and see the design and homes we have helped people create and save time and money, talk to the team today.

Like we always say, talk to us before you talk to a builder.

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