Plowright Family

Plowright Family, Mandurah - WA

We had been looking through many Perth display homes and one off designs to try and achieve our dream holiday home in Mandurah for over twelve months. We thought we knew what we were looking for, but couldn’t quite find that ideal plan to suit our needs. We then met New Home Building Brokers and suddenly realised we had been going about our search for a design in the wrong manner.

The consultant ran through some of the basics of what we really required to satisfy our desires, and that small process seemed to bring everything into line. From there, we viewed other types of Perth display homes, looking at not only what was on offer, but how these could be modified, cheaply, to achieve our proposed open living requirements for the home.

The process was painless as well, and we feel we have ended up with a much more satisfactory new home design, that will last longer as our family grows.

The vast array of options available to us was one thing that impressed us the most with NHBB. At no stage did we feel pressured or humiliated for some of the crazy ideas we came up with during the initial stages of our search. New Home Building Brokers provided a sound, experienced base for us to work from, and provided assistance and advice within the Perth Home Building maze, as we saw it. Their industry knowledge gave us confidence to look outside of the square with not only design but fit out as well.

Subsequently we have signed with a small, local Perth builder, which was able to coordinate our requirements within our budget, to hopefully provide our family with many years of holiday fun and good times.

When we build again, we will certainly look to NHBB to ease the pain, and make the whole experience enjoyable again.