Nikita Tsukaguchi

Nikita Tsukaguchi, Princeton - WA

During the past 10 years, since we built our last home, we went visiting some Perth display homes to get idea to build on our new block in Princeton, we were feeling very overwhelmed. Not only could we not find a style that suited our narrow block, we were told so many conflicting stories from the salesmen that we didn't know what to believe or where to start.

We met with the consultant at New Home Building Brokers & were so impressed with the service they offered. Their expertise & contacts in the industry took all the stress & guesswork out of getting started, which made the experience of building enjoyable & exciting.

We had a strong idea of what we wanted to achieve. NHBB was very open to listening to our brief. They clearly explained in simple language how the building industry works and was very transparent, answering all of our questions. They took time to take us through one of their previous projects and we meet with Wayde & Karen Keyser who confirmed how this service helped them enjoy building a custom individual designed home.

NHBB sourced a designer who could work with us to achieve what we wanted on a tight budget. Working with a narrow block, NHBB showed us how we could make the most of the site. We were passionate about making the home as energy efficient as possible. Our consultant showed us how to make the most of the northerly aspect and made suggestions during the planning stage of where we should spend & also where we could cut costs, without compromising the design – this type of advice is not given freely with a Perth building companies.

I would definitely recommend using New Home Building Brokers. Not only will they save time & money, but the end result will be a custom individually designed home that you will love.