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Multi Unit Developments, Where Do You Start?

We have completed lots of Multi Unit Development plans/developments in the Perth metropolitan area and found many variables drive investors decisions to go ahead or not with such a development type.

Tips to reduce Site Works, Demolitions and Retaining Wall costs in Perth

Without doubt we come across many people who have found themselves completely confused about this topic. The potentionual for costs blowouts in site comes from how builders and people go about it.

Luxury Display Homes Perth

One of the first questions many people ask me as a building brokers is, "Do you have any display homes in Perth?"

Why Should You Choose a Custom Home Builder

One question that our customers are always asking is: “How do I choose a Perth builder who is capable of building my home on time and on budget?"

Concrete Pumps

Many people have asked why Perth Builders always add a charge for a concrete pump to the site works costing.

Hampton Style Homes Perth

Is a very casual, yet stylish little beach look with some rustic thrown in, it has stood the test of time.

Upside-down & Reverse Living Homes

At New Home Building Brokers are asked every week about upside down homes and floor plans. This terminology means having the kitchen and living spaces on the upper floor in lieu of the ground floor.

Luxury Home Builders

What does the luxury home builders market hold for us going forward? Perth has long been spoilt for choice when building a custom luxury home, and in recent times many new builders have entered the market.

Giveaways or Gimmicks

With some many Perth home builders marketing offering $10,000 shopping sprees, free ducted air-conditioning and solar panels. The big question remains is it for real or is it a gimmick?

Narrow Lot Homes

As Perth’s population grows the demand for smaller & narrow lot design living is expected to rise, this and the current land shortage are making Western Australians consider the option of buying and building on small and narrow lots. These blocks have a v…

Perth Custom homes

Whether buying or building a Perth Custom home, understanding if you’re dealing with a real custom home builder or knowing if the house was built by a real custom home builder, is critical to getting value for money.

Top 5 Tips in Choosing a Builder

With all the stories and fears of poor building quality, and builders not delivering what they said, cost blow outs and prices rises, who would build...

5 Tips to a knockdown rebuild

No matter which location you are thinking about demo & rebuild these 5 tips from New home Building Brokers that will help you understand what is involved.

Understanding Builders specifications

Most people focus on square rates from builder and find out what is include…