Design Cost Calculator

We work from Z to A.
Starting with your budget we work backwards. This approach guarantees we meet your design and budgetry requirements everytime without compromising on quality or process.

Next to budget, timing is the most critical consideration in any build. Often the two are inexorably linked, with a blow out on the building schedule having dire consequences on the budget. This comparison table shows how a 4 month delay in the construction period can impact on the total build cost of your home.

With our custom built software NHBB have streamlined the entire building process from council applications through to visually showcasing the work of 15 leading designers and over 90 Perth builders as well as analysing quotes and comparing builder’s prices and materials in straightforward and easy to understand format. Using the software we are able to minimise construction delays, in turn ensuring budgets are met and the potential for cost blow-outs is significantly reduced.