Upside-down & Reverse Living Homes

Upside-down & Reverse Living Homes

February 06, 2012 at 4:46 PM

At New Home Building Brokers are asked every week about upside down homes and floor plans. This terminology means having the kitchen and living spaces on the upper floor in lieu of the ground floor.

Reverse living homes are extremely popular with blocks that have views, either to the front back or sides. Unfortunately not many Perth Builders have these as display homes in W A. The reason for this is they are generally more expensive due to the amount of area on the top floor, and not many Perth display home villages have views. The main reasons this plans are hard to find are because every blocks view is completely different and so too are people’s expectations on budget and design.

Personally we have created hundreds of these types of homes, and quiet incredibly no two are the same. Many are similar however when you get down to the detail the plans are extremely different.

The best way to get the lowest price for these homes is using our service to create the design and then tender it out. Two reason for this.

1)      You control the copyright and that means you can control the builder a little more, you can walk away if the price & service starts to move on you.

2)      Price it’s far cheaper, you will save thousands of dollars and have the home built much quicker using a building Brokers. We can prove this as all of our clients can confirm it. Just Last week alone we saved a client $70,000 on a small upside down design in Ardross.  Mr & Mrs Cole are happy to confirm this with you at any time. The cheapest costing was $395,000 and the most expensive was $469,000. Same house and same specification see floor plan attached.

So this demonstrates again why you need to be completely independent, and most importantly as our clients keep saying they actually enjoyed building and saved thousands of dollars with excellent service.

Some of these things to consider when planning building an upside down floor plan are.

Rear views are sometimes difficult to archive and comply with the r codes, without having any overlooking issues with your neighbours.

Extra set of stairs from balconies down to pool areas, are really nice however do cost a little.

Lastly if you have a rear view it’s important to make sure you can have some type of viewing to the front driveway for security purposes.

Of you would like to know more about this or anything else regarding reserve living homes contact the team today.

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