Understanding Builders specifications

Understanding Builders specifications

September 21, 2010 at 3:39 PM

Most people focus on square rates from builder and find out what is included far too late in the process. Clarification and a clear understanding of builder’s specifications are absolutely critical to having your expectations meet. Here is five of me of my favourites topis I have many more.

 1.       Make sure both parties understand what you want

Many people have pictures & photos of homes showing the specification they like; however having champagne taste on beer budget is very common. So a clear line of communication of this dream spec and transferring this into a written format is essential to making sure a builder costs your home correctly. This should be done upfront before engaging a builder with an independent consultant.

 2.       Builders ability to deliver

Many people find out far too late in the process a builder inability install a particular item of specifications for the followings reasons, communication, trade quality, inexperience & cost. Choosing the right builder upfront where roles and responsibilities are outlined is the only way to avoid this disappointment.

3.       What is good quality & value

Expensive brands label doesn’t necessarily mean they actually will work be good quality. Picking fancy tap ware for example can be a plumber’s nightmare, which you may not discover until your first maintenance call to the builder after you have moved in. Always discuss upgraded items with tradesmen, the builders and an independent consultant upfront.

 4.       Builders BS and mark-ups

Builders are required to outline to you the margin they are placing on a variation item under home building contracts act, however they do not have to tell you what they have paid for it, or what they are paying a tradesmen to install it. So you really cannot see the mark-up and this frustrates people. Some administration staff are paid commission on upgrade items with the builder, again using an independent consultant can elevate these issues.

 5.       Fashionable now, but the future

It never fails to amaze me the amount of homes that people build with hugh fashion statements and impractical items. It’s incredible the amount of product that continually hits the markets and the fashion statements can be a disaster within months. We have all walk through a house for sale and been taken back by these issues, failing to get this correct will cost you long term when you try and sell the property. I constantly have this feedback from Perth’s top real estate agents

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