Top 5 Tips in Choosing a Builder

Top 5 Tips in Choosing a Builder

January 28, 2011 at 3:34 PM

With all the stories and fears of poor building quality, and builders not delivering what they said, cost blow outs and prices rises, who would build.

These are my tips of eliminating those massive fears to make the building journey an enjoyable one

  1. Always choose a builder that owns the business and works in it.  It very dangerous ground to choose a builder who doesn’t. Many times  in my experience clients end up very disappointed from  builders hiding behind the building codes of Australia
  2. Always monitor and or ask for an up to date copy of the companies’ job book. You can see how many jobs they have on the go, and also how long they are talking to build it. This is not always available from some builders; however Perth’s best builders always have it on hand.
  3. Client references,  this is a classic, people who have just had a slab put down, and clients at hand over are great to talk to, just not anyone who finished years ago!  Volume builders turn staff over so often it has a massive effect on quality control so doing your homework is vital. 
  4. Always good to get some feedback from review forums and also monitor court hearings. You can also monitor various commissions and dispute tribunals. Talk to friends and work colleges about experiences, and try to ask the builder about any concerns you have up front.
  5. Ask what the gross margin getting charged is. This is so important; particularly if you walk into a really flash office (someone has to pay for it)   Volume builders from our experience vary from 30% up to an incredible 45% on a project. Smaller builders can be a lot less. Keep in mind

Understanding each builder and how they operate is so important in choosing the right builder. Don’t always go for the cheapest either, most of my clients have come to us as a result of signing up for something they had misleading information, you get what you pay for as they say.

 If you would like to know more about this or have any questions about building, please contact the NHBB team.

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Tristan Kirkham

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