Property Development

Property Development

October 17, 2010 at 7:36 AM

Given the current state of the market, property development is certainly a worth considering in this buyers market. Not only is it a buyers market , Perth builders are all looking for some work and the time is perfect to get a better building price to maximise your investment. Major project home building compnmies generally struggle to compete with smaller builders in unit developments, but with them lacking the work they have been used too margins have dropped and New Home Building Brokers is certainly getting incredible prices for clients subdivinded blocks and building.

5 Keys to remember

  1. Control your cost buy controlling your copyright,Property development  Cost can blow out very quickly if you only go to one new home builder
  2. Be vary careful of information seminars from builders, always speak to a independent consultant or New Home Building Brokers.
  3. Overshadowing both from your narrow lot design and also your neighbours is a common issue and you need to understand this upfront.
  4. Views are much harder to maximise due to the residential r codes, however the new Directions 2031 might help ease this situation.

Create your design with New Home Building Brokers or an independent source and have it tendered. Using a Building Broker is the easiest way to build a better home and also have better building prices.


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Tristan Kirkham

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