Perth Custom homes

Perth Custom homes

February 10, 2011 at 3:46 PM

Whether buying or building a Perth Custom home, understanding if you’re dealing with a real custom home builder or knowing if the house was built by a real custom home builder, is critical to getting value for money. Many Perth builders just aren’t genuine custom home builders and do not deserve to be called this regardless of what they claim. These Perth builders, build project homes in mass volume and don’t have the required service levels, attention detail experienced staff and unique specifications, to be studied properly to avoid oversights and disappointment.

 So top five tips to know if it’s a real Custom home/ Builder

1)      Find out home many homes per year the builder is building, and who has built the property up for sale. If its volume it’s not real custom!

2)      Ask to have a look at the specification and plans of past and current clients, and also confirm suppliers the Perth builder has used.

3)      Ask is the Engineering detail was from a volume project builder company (Template engineering) or was it a custom engineering company.

4)      Ask for an updated price for construction from the builder who built the home, and also for any plan a builder is showing in a folder before signing up. Also speak to that client. 

5)      Most important one of my favourites is check on forums and to see if the builder has a regular attendance to the Building Disputes tribunal. (you will be surprised which big brands are in this court week after week)

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