Narrow Lot Homes

Narrow Lot Homes

March 01, 2011 at 3:54 PM

As Perth’s population grows the demand for smaller & narrow lot design living is expected to rise, this and the current land shortage are making Western Australians consider the option of buying and building on small and narrow lots. These blocks have a very different feel to them and come with more restrictions and cost considerations. Perth Home Builders are now focusing on the narrow lot designs to cater for this ever growing new home market, we have some things for you’re to consider before engaging a builder.

1)   Narrow lot home designs cost more in a basic rate; this is due mainly to the perimeter of the home design. In short more material more expensive

2)   Perth home builders will generally charge extra for small lot handling of material at site, this needs to be confirmed before signing up.

3)   Overshadowing both from your narrow lot design and also your neighbours is a common issue and understanding this upfront is important for future energy consumption.

4)   Balconies to maximise views is much harder to achieve due to the residential  codes & town planning schemes

5)   Create a narrow lot design independently, that way given you can shop the plan around to get the best price, Clients are saving tens of thousands of dollars.

Using New Home Building Brokers, Perth leading and most respected Building Broker, can overcome these and many other issues that can happen when building on small & narrow lots. New Home Building Brokers has the most builders on our books of any Building Broker in Perth if not Australia. New Home Building Brokers has HIA and also MBA awarding winner Builders to choose from. New Home Building Brokers has marketing leading quality and pricing and specialises in 2 story and double story home. Please note that yes we do get the very best prices possible, but it’s important to just focus on price and make sure you are going to get a quality build.

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