March 2012 MBA

March 2012 MBA

April 16, 2012 at 2:42 PM

Last Saturday we achieved a tremendous milestone when we attended the 2012 Master Builders Awards.

New Home Building Brokers was one of the three finalists for the Best Customer Service Awards supplier/ contractor. Nearly 400 Perth builders and companies in the building industry applied for the awards, it was quite exciting considering that we are a relatively young company.

Each of our building consultants have many years of experience in the Australian building industry. The Master Builders Awards night was great recognition for our work, and our constant effort to make people happy when they build their dream home.

So it was an absolute pleasure to be there - but how did it go, I hear you asking.

Well, the winner was… Brikmakers. Congratulations guys, this award is well deserved. Yes, we didn't win - but we'll try again to be an award winning company in the building industry.

So why we called this a milestone for us? Because just being a finalist testifies the quality of the service of a building broker among hundreds of builders. It means that the Western Australian building industry is giving more importance to the client's needs and satisfaction. 

Our clients already know that whether they're building a luxury 2 story home or they just want to build on a hard piece of land, you no longer contact just one builder: ask New Home Building Brokers, it's like asking 100 builders at once. Now we have this kind of recognition from the building industry too.

And there's good news: New Home Building Brokers' service is already excellent, but there's still room for development. If so far we made you happy, now we're going to make you happier. Because at the end of the day, when you're number two you can only try harder.

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Tristan Kirkham

Managing Director of New Home Building Brokers

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