Downsizing and Uncluttering

Downsizing and Uncluttering

December 05, 2011 at 4:22 PM

 A very common situation we have at New Home Building Brokers is to help people with downsizing the old family home. Once the kids have flown the nest and the big yard and pool are no longer getting used it makes sense to downsize. You can benefit from lower running costs, less maintenance, leaving more time and money for things to enjoy.

One of your options for downsizing is purchasing a smaller home that is a little more lock and leave ready. These homes may have been built by a developer, or a subdivision of a small block.

The other option is to build; nearly all of our clients at NHBB who have come to us in this situation, say they cannot find what they are looking for on the market. Or they do not like the rules of the retirement village and the on going fees associated with it

How to downsize and modernise.

1)   Understand what type of floor plan you will require and how much that space you will need. Eg single story or double story. Boats caravans.  

2)   Location location, it’s possible to stay in your local area given the coming changes to the R-Codes (Directions 2031) the block size will determine whether it’s a single or double story home you build.

3)   Using a building broker, to come up with the strategy which will confirm budgets upfront and help you decide if it’s feasible.

4)   Create a design ready for tender, don’t use just any designer or architect, it’s amazing how expensive some of these people can make a square box!

5)   The last stage is to select a Perth  builder after the building broker has finalised your tendering process.

As a rule you will save 10-20% in cost with this process.

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