Concrete Pumps

Concrete Pumps

July 02, 2012 at 8:55 AM

Many people have asked why Perth Builders always add a charge for a concrete pump to the site works costing. Well gone are the times of the poor Grano worker pushing the wheel barrow up dodgy planks?  Safety has now brought about Builders using concrete pumps, and the other reason is, well imagine trying to get this truck out of the hole it’s in. Some jobs are just impossible for the cement trucks to get access to.

The most common charge for concrete pumps in from Perth Builders at the moment is around $1500- $2500 per job.  This depends on how big the slab pours is and if it’s to the ground or upper floor. Most New Home builders have the upper floor cost built into the price already, it just the ground floor that catches people out.

At the end of the day always allow for this, if your builder then doesn’t require it, it’s a bonus. Always asks upfront, from our experience many Perth Building sales reps seem to forget to tell clients this before they sign up. You can almost bank on a variation coming just after you have signed your contracts, and of course you’re locked in by then.

It’s not hard to work out, always have photos of the block on hard for your builder before signing up, and make sure it’s gone to the owner of the company not the sales rep and estimator.

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Tristan Kirkham

Managing Director of New Home Building Brokers

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