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blog-better-price.jpgNew Home Building Brokers is continuing to educate people on how to get better building prices, but most importantly find better quality builders. Managing director and founder Tristan Kirkham says given the current market conditions price and quality of builders is just absolulty critical.

"Not doing the homework on some building compies will throw up a range of challenges for people looking to build," he said.

"An issue I see happening all the time, is people are just so focused on building prices rather then looking at how the home is going to be built and what options they have if things don't go to plan.

"Better building pricesThese suburbs also boast large residential blocks and vacant land, making them ideal for subdivision and further building opportunities if zoning allows. These areas are also ideal for families, because they offer high-quality schools and shopping districts so people may choose to improve a home or knock down a property to make the most of location."

"However proximity to the river may incur problems in terms of approvals. We have a fair bit of experience in dealing with the shires in these areas and have a good understanding of their approval processes," he said.

"Because these areas are older, people often renovate homes and renovating can be one of the biggest traps in building. We often deal with people who have got their initial quote and are just feeling lost because they don't have the understanding to know whether it is fair or not," he said.

"And people looking to knock down and start again are not uncommon in those areas and we can bring a real clarity to the process."

Working on the same philosophy as a mortgage broker, Mr Kirkham said NHBB gave clients access to product knowledge that could result in big monetary savings.

"Rather than dealing with sales agents from a number of different builders, we act on a client's behalf and basically do all the research for them so they can make the best decisions," he said.

"Importantly, our service is designed to find the best deal for the client, not the builder."

And NHBB's service is free to clients.

"Our fees are made from the commission fee already attached to a home. Basically the fees are already included in the new home prices or attached to a one-off design and are normally paid to the builder's sales representatives." Mr Kirkham said.

"Much like a mortgage broker we help our clients find the home and builder that suits their needs.

"Whether it's a new home, a rebuild or a renovation, building can be an overwhelming experience and during my time in the industry I have seen people get burned time and time again.  It is one of the most significant financial decisions you will ever make and we bring peace of mind in that client knows they have made an informed decision. "

Mr Kirkham said clients who changed their mind during the process would not be forced to pay for their advice.

"If it is in your best interests not to proceed with a project we will give you honest advice to that effect, we won't be working to get you to sign a contract at any cost," Mr Kirkham said.

Mr Kirkham said the NHHB idea was born from the horror stories often coming out of the industry.

"I see people in trouble all the time. They've gone into it thinking the process was simple but often found themselves in way over their heads," Mr Kirkham said.

"There are so many products on the market right now and choosing the right home and builder to suit your needs is not easy for people with no experience in the industry, it can be even more difficult if you're working with a challenging block.

"The fact is though if you do make the wrong decision or don't know where to get the right advice you could be paying far more than you really should."

Mr Kirkham said the service was suited to those who are looking to build a new home and also to those who have gone down the renovation path and hit road blocks due to cost blow outs. Also knock down and rebuild projects and even those looking to do a small development.

"We bring more than ten years building industry experience to the equation, so we have the product knowledge but also a full understanding of the entire process from approvals to completion," he said.

"We deal directly with the builder on your behalf and deliver your options in an easy to understand way so you can choose the right builder for you and get the right price."

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