Our Designers & Builders

With 15 leading designers,
why limit your design options?

Perth is home to some of Australia’s leading designers, and NHBB work with the pick of the crop. We engage a range of designers from the conventional to the cutting edge. We also work with designers who are breaking new ground in sustainable and energy efficient design.

Why limit your design options? With a choice of 15 leading Perth designers at your disposal, NHBB can assist you in designing a home that will truly fulfill your every requirement.

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With over 90 builders, we can
offer you greater flexibility.

Ultimately, the more choice in builders, the better we are able to find the ‘right fit’ in builder to suit your requirements.

Each builder has been selected by NHBB based on their ability to meet our stringent set of criteria. Part of that criteria is a pre-negotiated fixed and fair builder’s margin, we guarantee you will not pay more than 20%

Many clients have specific requirements, like choosing their own suppliers, something many builders will not allow. So with more builders on our books, we can offer you more flexibility.

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Our 3D kitchen renders
let you try before you buy

Our kitchen designers can use the latest in CG rendering software to create a realistic 3D render of your kitchen design. Utilising an extensive database of the latest textures, laminates, stone finishes, flooring and kitchen appliances from leading manufacturers, we can create an accurate model of your kitchen, bathroom or laundry design.

This  exciting process allows you to eliminate potential design flaws and takes all the guesswork out of the colour selection process.

Most project builders have one or two designers on staff, offering a limited range of design styles. NHBB give you access to more than 15 of Perth’s top designers and over 90 leading builders, offering a degree of flexibility and choice that guarantees every home we build is as unique as it is stunning. It is something other building companies simply cannot match.