We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that may go some way to answering any queries you have. If you have any further questions please click here to make your enquiry or call us on 1300 383 262.

Totally independent

We don’t play favourites. Builders and designers are selected using NHBB’s selection criteria to determine which is able to deliver the best possible outcome for you.

Present only the facts

We don’t sugar-coat the facts. You will get honest answers every step of the way.

Bring together your choices

After establishing your goals and dreams we perform a thorough analysis of the facts and present you with your best choices.

How much can you save me?

This depends on your personal situation and the product you choose. But as a rule, it's a minimum of 5% up to 20%.

How many home builders do you deal with?

We deal with over 100 of Perth's best builders, and are not locked into any of them.

How does a Building Broker get paid?

We are paid by way of commission attached to the house, which would normally be paid to the sales representative or staff at the building company. This is very much the same as a mortgage broker.

Do you declare what commission you are getting paid from a builder?

Yes, In fact we will show you our invoice to the builder. We recommend you ask the same to any building company. They are obligated by law to declare any commission.

What commission do you charge?

Less than any project builder or sales rep, again we are happy to show you what the builder pays us. Not sure any Perth Builders do that!

How do you select the best builder?

We have 3 critical criteria for the building companies to meet. If the home builder meets these, we are happy to recommend them.

Can we choose different suppliers to the builder and select or supply our own items?


We are already dealing with a Perth Home builder or Broker, can we talk to you?

Yes you can, 80% of our clients have engaged builder before coming to us and walked away from them extremely frustrated. You are welcome to speak to any of our clients to confirm how we have helped them and saved them from nightmare situations.

We want to engage our own designer and/or architect, can we bring the design to you?

Yes we are always happy to cost your plans and work with you.

Do you do property developments?


What is your take on GreenSmart Homes?

Our managing Director is a judge for the HIA GreenSmart Awards. We take GreenSmart principles very seriously, and have more builders with the ability to build using different material that are very cost effective than any other organisation in Australia.

If we are not happy, can we walk away with no obligation?

From NHBB Yes, from the builder yes, providing a building contract has not yet been signed.

Can we speak to your clients?

Yes we have lots to confirm all of our statements.

Do you have quality control measures in place for home builders for the entire process?

Yes, we put these in place on a case by case basis with all our clients.