About Us

We recognised early on that by sharing our knowledge of the building process with our clients, we were able to turn a potentially stressful experience into one that is both enjoyable and stress free. One that had a very positive effect on all parties involved. As a result we began to form a unique bond with each of our clients. Before long, our clients were offering to tell others about their positive home building experiences with NHBB.

We now have over 50 clients sharing their stories.

Surprisingly for us, the positive feedback was not limited to just our clients. The experiences of our clients had a knock on effect with the designers, builders and suppliers that we work with. They in turn were enjoying the experience of dealing with ‘well informed’ clients, resulting in a smoother build process.

In their own unique way, each of these home building experiences add a value and credibility that only a genuine client testimonial can.

They continue to be our single biggest source of new business.
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