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Why you should talk to us before you talk to a builder.

Before they talk to us, more than 80% of our clients have already engaged with a builder. Many have become so frustrated they are prepared to walk away even if it means losing money. Most, after experiencing costly, drawn out delays with building and planning. This can include architect and designer cost blow-outs, designs not meeting the brief or simply a need for independent guidance through the complex process of building and choosing the right builder for your project.

NHBB have simplified the building process, we offer you more choice with 15 of Perth’s top designers and more than 90 leading builders. If you want to truly ‘own your build’ and get the best possible value for every dollar, then talk to NHBB before you talk to a builder

To quote one client “NHBB are an advocate for YOUR side of the build someone who understands every aspect of the building industry and can guide you through the process and manage the builder on your behalf, someone looking out for YOU!

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